Foot ankle research
This is a photo of me, working on foot & ankle research in Baltimore with one of the most prominent F&A surgeons in the world back when I was in Medical School.

I’m published (x3) in the journal Foot & Ankle International, the foremost journal in the field.

I learned how to evaluate research, I learned how to do research, and I did research.

Now that that’s out of the way, I say with confidence that all research is flawed. Most research is heavily bias and of little value to the individual. It does serve some function in guiding us to see which experiments we want to try on ourselves, however I ask you to exercise extreme caution.

I’d invite you to look deeply within yourself and ask if what you’re reading/being told aligns with what your heart is telling you.

Intuition comes from the heart. The heart sends signals to the brain. Our cultural programming then guides our brain to tell the heart to STFU and that’s where disease actually comes from.

This is how I was able to avoid a miserable life. I listened to my heart which told me to leave the medical world to go on a journey to create a life that aligned with my soul. When I first tried going barefoot it felt so right that I never turned back!

In the absence of fear, we will inevitably come back to LOVE because that is our base programming. You don't have to try to have love, it's built in. When there is pure love everyone is allowed to explore their version of reality and make the decisions they feel are right for them without judging themselves and without fear of being judged.

It's time to up-level the conversation and move away from the charades of politics, research, and marketing. The only research that really matters is that which you do with yourself.

I know this might trigger some people and if it does, I invite you to ask yourself why you lack confidence in your experience of yourself.

This is too important not to talk about, so let’s talk about it (send me a message)