Gaining Freedom from the Known

During my travels through Costa Rica in February 2020, I spent a few days at Rayos del Sol, a retreat property in Nosara. There, I attended a barefoot foot nerd retreat hosted by The Foot Collective and Caveman Strong.

The owner of Caveman Strong, Tyler Touchette, is one of the most interesting people who I connected with during the trip. He wasn't very outwardly spiritual, to be honest, however we connected deeply around the book he held in his hand most of the time, Conversation with God. This is a book I read a while back and has had a deep impact in my life.

On one of the last days of the trip, he came to me with this book here and told me, in so many words, that he knew this book was meant for me. He gave it to me as a gift and I'm so grateful to him for it.

I left the retreat to head down to Envision Festival which was a 7hr car drive down with the Shaman who had led the Inipi Ceremony (sweat lodge) at the retreat center.

inipi ceremony

You may not know this, but Shamans are notoriously unreliable.. I think they do it on purpose.

Anyways, I was dropped off by a cab driver in the middle of nowhere in the jungle to wait for the Shaman to pick me up. During the three hours I spent waiting, I consumed the entire book and in that moment my life was changed. In that moment, I realized I was sitting in total stillness in the middle of the wild waiting for a Shaman to drive me down to a permaculture festival.

What a life I'd blossomed into!

Envision Festival

riding with a shaman