Every time I post something about the evils of healthcare, there are a few people who comment about a serious illness they have that requires treatment by a doctor.

I honor them and feel such a high level empathy for them and their doctor who surely feels the pain of not having the tools to cure their patients.

The truth is that the tools exist. They live within us and within books/inventions that never make it out because the intention of our “health” system is TO MAKE MONEY.

You, who have a serious genetic disease, will never be properly treated by big healthcare. You will be kept alive with enough suffering that you keep coming back, but not so much that you die.

There are solutions out there that your doctor will never tell you about because they probably don’t know, and the few that do either leave medicine or don’t tell you because they have fallen prey to the sociopathic, money-driven society that we live in.

Wake up! Seek more! Look within!

This is an outstanding video by Kimberly Carter Gamble of Thrive Movement International, the creators of the movie Thrive.

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