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The Urban Barefoot began as a case study into the applications of a barefoot mindset in a "normal" city environment. Ideally, we'd all live in the forest and run around with no shoes. That's just not a viable option for most.

The project has evolved farther than ever dreamed. Through valuable partnerships with conscious brands/entrepreneurs, it is now a platform for humans who want to build communities.

Together with The Foot Collective, the manifesto for the future of human health & wellness has been written

Now, with the first 25 amazing humans in The Foot Nerd Program, the communities will grow more quickly and the word will start to spread throughout the world.




about the founder

headshot - Jeff Shub, MD - The Urban Barefoot

Jeff Shubbetter known these days as The Urban Barefoot, is a holistic sustainability advisor who travels the world helping individuals and companies become bulletproof by discovering opportunities to substitute short-term gains for long-term investments in mind, body and business. With several years of experience in building businesses and consulting for some of the most progressive companies in the world, combined with a medical degree and profound passion for wellness, Jeff is uniquely suited to address virtually all of the needs of his clients. 

Not only is Jeff a coach/advisor, he is also a student of his own method. He felt so strongly that the current healthcare model was not designed for sustainability throughout his Medical training that he made the unpopular decision to leave and join a consulting firm to build out a model for healthcare culture transformation. As he states, “I can’t be part of an industry whose practices are not offering real, long-term value for people, but it doesn’t mean I can’t work to change it.”

Recently, having built a holistic podiatry practice from the ground up, Jeff has proven that it’s possible to innovate in toxic industries. Through this endeavour he created a family network within the team of 15, baked fun and excitement into the workspace, designed a wellness-based business model not seen in podiatry and totally disrupted the marketing standards for medical practices in South Florida.

Through his own social media platform, The Urban Barefoot, Jeff is now spreading the sustainability message around the world. He is a traveling speaker, consultant and coach working with companies of all sizes, and with high-performing executives and business owners on everything from business strategy to running technique.

When Jeff isn’t working or traveling you can find him moving or learning about human movement. He is proving that his dream is to move like a monkey one day so he can make it to American Ninja Warrior!




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