#backtobarefoot webinar

backtobarefoot webinar

The foot is a window into a fascinating human body.

We all know that exercise is important, but the truth is that the other 23 hours of your life are much more important. They might even be putting you at risk of injury during your workout.

The human body can be an incredibly powerful machine when used properly. As humans have become super-specialized in different fields of study, we've lost the ability to fully understand how our body functions and what it needs. 

To top it off, the healthcare system that is supposed to be helping us, isn't..


This webinar covers:

- how the body moves

- what is causing it dys-function

- why you need to take care of your body outside of the training room

- tips and tricks to get you feeling amazing at home, at your desk and beyond!

#backtobarefoot webinar