I'm incredibly humbled by the humans who put so much love into creating their podcast channels and I'm grateful to those who have chosen to share that passion with me by inviting me on to chat. Scroll down for descriptions of each episode and some other non-podcast appearances.

Rewilding Miami Podcast - Episode 19: Rewilding your Innate Superpowers through your feet with Jeff Shub

In this episode we have a great conversation with Jeff Shub about being barefoot! Our chat goes beyond the feet and how we have all the abilities to become the best version of ourselves. We talk about natural running, life transformation through realizing that culture needs more connection, and how to activate ourselves through Rewilding. Enjoy!!


ET Experience 007: Jeffrey Shub: The Urban Barefoot

The Urban Barefoot and I take a tangential journey together discussing the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual aspects of barefoot walking, and beyond.


Round 2 with my man Jeff "the urban barefoot" Shub.

Jeff's unique view of the world gives an unbelievable insight into the current crisis and we go deep into methods for dealing with challenges that life and a crisis throw up.

Life can get pretty complicated in times of global crisis and widespread fear. Jeff has a view that brings a great calm to me when I speak to him and why he is the first guest to be on for round 2!



The Future of Barefoot Shoes -Episode 003 - Nick St Louis and Jeff Shub

A zoom call recorded on Sunday 1 December 2019 with:-Jeff Shub & Nick St Louis.

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Please welcome Jeff Shub @theurbanbarefoot

  • Find your truth -  are you living a undeniable truth in every area of your life?
  • Why living and being more honest with yourself will pay huge dividends.
  • A natural approach to health and well-being.

Apart from Jeff's tips and tactics on how to be healthy and move towards an amazing life we go deep into the motivation behind everything Jeff does and his 'why'. 

Honestly, this is one of the most amazing conversations I have had.

Jeff, is an amazing human seeking real alignment in his life.


Navigating Healthcare and Life with The Urban Barefoot

Our guest, Dr. Jeff Shub, aka the Urban Barefoot, is a holistic sustainability advisor located in South Florida who travels the world helping individuals and companies maximize their long-term investments in mind, body, and business. He is incredibly unique in that he went through medical school, but as he continued to grow his own mind he felt so strongly that the current healthcare system was not designed for long-term sustainability of the patient, that he decided to leave. He joined a consulting firm to build a model of healthcare culture transformation, and created a holistic podiatry practice from the ground up. 

On this episode we discuss Jeff’s journey in healthcare, providing value to people for long-term health and wellness results, and Jeff shares an incredible story regarding one of his clients overcoming Type 2 diabetes. We also discuss how to navigate this incredible gift we’ve all been given called life, and how to maintain gratitude and perspective through all of life's experiences and challenges. Jeff has incredible insight in this regard, and uses analogies that really resonate.



Julian Haddad - Catching up with entrepreneur Jeff Shub a.k.a. The Urban Barefoot

Jeff Shub joins me to talk about leadership, and how to use your creativity to lead a more meaningful life.

2 Docs with 2 Cents: The Minimalist Mindset with Dr. Jeff Shub - EP61

Carrie and Leon talk to Dr. Jeff Shub, MD about his background and passion for natural living. Jeff goes into detail about what natural living entails and the benefits he and his clients have experienced. 


Connect & Move Radio - E15: Sustainable Living, Reactive vs Proactive Medicine, and Finding yourself with Jeff Shub

In this episode I invite former medical student, consultant, and sustainability coach Jeff Shub onto the show. We talk about why he left  medical school, pros and cons of reactive emergency care and proactive preventive medicine , and the best way to find yourself. 


The Foot Collective - Health Conversation Ep. 10

In this episode of Health Conversations, Jeff Shub is back for another round and we talk about mental health, nutrition, and TFC's new Foot Nerd Program. Jeff talks about what it's been like for him as one of the first twenty-five Foot Nerds admitted to the program in February 2019. 


The Foot Collective - Health Conversation Ep. 6

In this episode of Health Conversations, Nick has a chat with Jeff Shub (@theurbanbarefoot). Jeff was kind enough to host Nick at his home during the Miami, Florida seminar & did a great job of gathering a bunch of people in the health and wellness space in Miami to promote a great event. Jeff has a super unique story of how he's applying his medical degree. They talk about feet, health, shedding away the complexities of modern life, and how simple health can really be when you look at things from an airplane view.


On The Bus Podcast - #073

Could wearing shoes be the biggest cause of back and posture problems?

Our guests are Doctor Abraham Wagner (Dr ToeJam) and Jeff Shub (TheUrbanBarefoot) of JAWS podiatry - a foot and ankle practice specializing in preventative podiatry. Their YouTube channel is known for viral videos on ingrown toenails. They are the only preventative podiatry clinic in South Florida.

As the barefoot movement begins to sweep America, Jeff is at the forefront of preventative podiatry - helping humans be proactive in the care of their feet and ankles before any issues arise. Walking barefoot, also known as "earthing," has gone from being a kooky counter-culture trend, to a scientifically-researched practice with a number of remarkable health advantages, such as increasing antioxidants, reducing inflammation, improving sleep, and of course, solving hip and back problems.

Dr. Wagner and Jeff take us on a journey from the history of shoes and feet to some new techniques they are working on to heal their patients. We also scan through some incredible new products on the market for feet.