test your functionaility

If there were only two of your attributes that you could work on for the rest of your life, we recommend balance and mobility.



Being human means standing with two points of contact on the ground at [most] times. We've gotten so good at it that we don't even notice except when the lightest push catches us off guard and we end up on the floor.

Walking is a balancing act. Every time you lift your leg to put it in front of the other, you're balancing on one foot! Now you see why so many elderly people experience falls?



This term is very often misused. Many people believe that mobility means flexibility, but it's much more than that. Flexibility means that your joint is able to reach a greater range of motion. It is purely about the bones ability to move in relation to other bones and makes no mention of control.

Touching your toes is great, but what happens if you can't get back up - that's mobility. It's the ability to control your body in those expanded ranges of motion.


Now that we're clear..

Here are some of the screens that we have selected as good measures of balance and mobility.