The Foot Collective

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TFC is a health education company. We are a group of wellness professionals dedicated to asking the hard questions. We don’t claim to have all the answers and our approach is ever evolving.

There is one thing we are certain about. The healthcare system is failing. They are crafting complex and ineffective solutions to human body problems when what is really necessary is actually very simple.

Through this journey, we discovered a very scary public health problem that nobody is talking about – feet!

In doing our part to help humans, we travel the world giving talks about restoring natural movement through foot and hip function. As the group grows and develops, we will address all aspects of wellness which we have broken down into 5 main pillars – Community, Movement, Nutrition, Recovery and Psychology. It says “community” first because it truly is the most important pillar. As a result, our primary focus is to build, foster and connect communities around wellness.

To accomplish this, TFC has created:

  • The Foot Nerd Program: a crowd-sourced education platform to seek the truth about health & wellness.
  • TFC Balance Beams: a movement education platform to promote the aspects of movement that will deliver longevity and happiness.
  • TFC Media: a digital content management platform to share information and online experiences.
  • TFC Connect: a digital wellness community platform to connect wellness curious humans with Foot Nerds.
  • TFC Footwear: a research and development platform to transform the world footwear into one that promotes natural movement.
  • TFC Shop: a product curation platform to create the most trustworthy repository of products that promote human development.

So get out there and start connecting your community! We’ll help however we can!


with love and gratitude,

Jeff Shub, MD

Collective Evangelist

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