Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings: Living Your Own Truth

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Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings: Living Your Own Truth

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Author: Callahan, Clinton

Brand: Brand: Hohm Press


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Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 366

Publisher: Hohm Press

Release Date: 01-06-2010

Details: Product Description This book is about feelings, and the ways that we, as individuals and as a culture, have numbed ourselves against them. It is about unleashing the possibility of conscious feelings to re-make our lives into what really matters to us. The Power of Conscious Feelings introduces readers to the concept of the "personal numbness bar"--a measure set high by modern culture as a way of keeping everything "cool," under control, and consequently out of touch. This book provides the insight and the means for lowering that numbness bar. "You can feel more," the author asserts. You can regain the intelligence and energy of your feelings, so long denied and dressed up to appear acceptable. "Being cool," Callahan states, "allows you to look the other way about torture, invasion, pollution and injustice," and to accept the generic malaise that characterizes so many relationships. The central framework of the book is built with the Ten Distinctions for Consciously Feeling, including: * Learning the potent difference between thoughts and feelings, which most people confuse * Sorting out feelings (based in present) from emotions (based in the past or in somebody else's life) * Fully allowing that feelings are absolutely-neutral energy and information, neither good nor bad, neither positive nor negative. Each chapter is enriched with THOUGHTMAPS-clear diagrams of ways we presently think and ways we could possibly think-and supported by an abundance of practical experiments to try. The Power of Conscious Feelings is so much more than a book of self-help or inspiration. Ultimately, it is about our connection with and responsibility for the fate of the Earth. When we are no longer numb, we are freed from solitary confinement in our private world of thoughts and beliefs. We emerge, already connected with other human beings, connected in the world of feelings we all have in common. This book actually guides the reader through four distinct evolutionary stages: from Personal, to Relational, to Transformational, to Cultural, in showing us how to use our adult feelings as the fuel for living our destiny as creators of sustainable culture. Choosing numbness was probably unconscious for most of us. But, Callahan is committed to showing us, step by step, in this moment, how we can change the mind and learn to consciously feel. Review "I believe that these tools constitute a profound rite of passage for non-indigenous people and provide a structure for psychospiritual maturation." - Carolyn Baker, author of Sacred Demise "This is a daring book-- it asks us to recognize our numbness and become conscious about the issues that imperil our future. Deeply personal yet global, challenging, confronting, hopeful." - Margaret J. Wheatley "This book is the key to deliverance of humankind from our rapidly-approaching tragic end. Callahan is radical, and he and those he works with are genius! This is a wonderful book!" - Brad Blanton, author of Radical Honesty "If you wish to change, read this book. It puts a simple key in your hand: allow yourself to feel. Thank you for this guide to a new culture. May this book spread in the world." - Sabine Lichtenfels, "Callahan's book is full of potent, accessible tools for clear, effective communication and responsible action... what we need to make the world a better place." - Diana Leafe Christian From the Inside Flap "May the spirit world take note of this guidebook, calling us to meet our potential by developing the gifts of feeling that accompanied us into this world." - Malidoma Patrice Somé , author of Of Water and Spirit, "I recommend Clinton Callahan's book whole-heartedly for its honor, insight, wisdom, and integrity. You can spend $10,000 on therapy or you can buy this book." - Red Hawk, author of Self Observation" Brilliant. A provocative study of power, healing and e

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